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HR Assistant Duties & Responsibilities

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HR Assistant
HR Assistant

Most organizations have a department dedicated to supporting its workers named as human resources, or HR. associate hour assistant supports different human resources professionals and also the organization’s workers. hour assistants play a important role in making and maintaining worker records, taking part in shut attention to the confidentiality of the knowledge.


Applicants for hour assistant work ought to have a highschool certification or GED for hour assistant occupations. smart laptop and writing skills are needed, as a result of abundant of the add hour involves mistreatment laptop systems and writing. smart communication and social skills area unit important for the duty, as a result of hour assistants work closely with all levels of workers and job candidates. as a result of they work with personal worker data, hour assistants abundant knowledge to stay data confidential.


HR assistants compile and method worker records. They prepare new and existing employees’ personal data, track their attending and day without work, compile earnings and termination data and profit programs. They store worker data confidentially and accurately in secured files and laptop systems.


The human resources workers typically includes managers, generalists, edges directors and recruiters. hour assistants supports hour workers by gathering worker data and files for his or her review, respondent phones and taking notes throughout division conferences. They post job openings, gather resumes and someone data and schedule interviews. They conjointly support workers all round the company by respondent questions about employment files, time-off, profit plans and different data associated with their worker records.


HR assistants compile a spread of reports. this could embody weekly, monthly and yearly reports for different departments, like payroll and accounting to help within the creation and distribution of paychecks. They conjointly produce all documentation for worker records. They typically tally and make reports associated with worker coaching and surveys, then work with different hour professionals to boost worker retention and address their coaching wants.

Careers and earnings

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts regarding eleven p.c growth within the range of jobs for hour assistants through 2020. This growth compares to the fourteen p.c average growth expected for all U.S occupations. the explanation is that technology is getting used to take care of additional worker records, requiring less workers. In 2011, the common earnings was $38,330 each year, consistent with the BLS.