Month: October 2013

Task for Hr Manager

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1. Recruitment and Selection

2. Training and Development

3. Compensation and Benefits

4. Employee Relations

5. Rules and Regulations

6. Budget, financial management

7. Human resource information system

7  Organize locally and produce Group HR reporting.


HR administrator

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An HR administrator is a human resources generalist responsible for supporting a business within every area of human resources, including recruitment and employee relations.Some general roles and responsibilities of HR Administrator are:

1)      Drafting Job Description: An HR administrator is responsible for drafting job descriptions, outlining in detail all skills and qualities required and desired in a successful job applicant.

2)      Resume screening: An HR administrator screens all resumes submitted to the open job order, seeking only the most qualified applicant.

3)      Performing Background checks: An HR administrator conducts drug and background screenings and reference checks for all prospective hires, accurately documenting these activities.

Due Diligence: An HR administrator records and maintains all human resource files and documents, assuring that his or her firm remains compliant with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Employee and labor relations: An HR administrator serves as the point person for employees’ issues and inquiries, including but not limited to benefits and company policies.