Can you afford an accountant? Who, what and why?

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Finding An Better Accounting Solution For Small Businesses

When any small business owner hears the word, “accounting,” they more than likely associate that with an accountant and probably assume they’re just number crunchers. However, accountants are more than just the people who deal with numbers, and they can have a positive impact on your business. Throughout your company’s growth, it’s important to determine the accounting solutions that will help your business succeed. Whether you need assistance with outlining the company’s formation, applying for a loan, or help with a tax audit, an accountant is there to make those potential steps infinitely easier.

Do You Need To Hire An Accountant?

According to Mark Koziel of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, determining whether or not you need to find a new accounting solution all depends on the size of your company. “If you’re a small business owner, and you find yourself sitting in front of Quick-books wondering where to begin, that’s a good indication that it’s time to find someone knowledgeable.”

What An Accountant Can Do For Your Business

When you own a small business, even a start-up, it’s crucial that you hire an accountant that has experience in dealing with smaller companies. Some of the accounting solutions that an account can provide for you small business include:

  • Tax Planning Rather than simply preparing and organizing your tax returns, a good account will remain involved throughout any of the planning stages. They can provide advice with choosing a business entity, negotiating leases, determining whether you apply for a 179D tax deduction, and updating your current bookkeeping system.
  • Business Planning and Organizing à Any well versed accountant will naturally take on the role of a business consultant. Whether you have problems with inventory pricing, internal controls, or a slow income, an accountant can provide the proper advice in a way that makes sense to you, ultimately giving you a better understanding on how to positively run your business.
  • Personal Tax Planning If you’re a small business owner who is having accounting troubles, they’re most likely caused by your personal tax issues. Therefore, hiring an accountant can only benefit both your business as well as your personal life such as setting up a retirement plan that ensures you can take care of yourself and your family when you’re ready to retire.
  • Business Referrals If you hire an accountant, there’s a very likely chance that they’ll be able to refer you to some of their other clients who may be looking to invest in a start-up company, or a per-existing small business. These potential referrals can include, but are not limited to attorneys, bankers, and insurance brokers.

In order to find a better accounting solution for your business, you’ll want to hire someone who can properly explain to you your company’s legal structure, write a proper business plan, tell you when to delegate, and help with your finances. The best answer to solving all those problems would be to hire an experienced accountant that has worked with other small businesses. Know what you’re getting into: Anything from Hot Melt Equipment companies like  to Carpet Cleaners to Plastic Surgeons can benefit, so employ someone organized that you can trust.


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